MSEN 618 Example course lectures at

Two additional course videos for public viewing now reside at

MSEN 618 Module 1, video 0 presents the complete introductory lecture.

MSEN 618 Spreadsheet 2 presents 6 minutes of excerpts from the step-by-step guide to programming ply mechanics and stress/strain transformation tools in Microsoft Excel.

You can get more information about the course at


Hybrid multifunctional composites group — Creasy research group

This is the blog/webpage for the Creasy Research Group at Texas A&M University.

Graduate students in this group major in materials science and engineering (MSEN) or mechanical engineering (MEEN).

The group peforms research in these areas:

  • hybrid multifunctional composites (novel micro to nano scale materials for performance that combines structural loads with other behaviors
  • polymer and composite materials processing experiments and models

Composite materials processing and performance–a distance course (MSEN 618)

In spring 2016, Dr. Creasy will teach MSEN 618 as a distance course.

You can view a course overview at this YouTube Video.

If you are a distance student in an engineering field at Texas A&M University, you might use this course as an elective.

Check with your department’s academic advisor.